2020 Ford Bronco – Ford had a Bronco edition with a truck model. Bronco is a superior vehicle for adventure since it was released. Unfortunately, this edition was stopped in 1996.

However, Ford announced that in 2020 they would rerelease the 2020 Ford Bronco with a more fresh, high-tech appearance, complete features, and as a medium-sized Sport SUV. Let’s sneak peek the expectation of the upcoming Bronco!

2020 Ford Bronco Teaser
2020 Ford Bronco Teaser – Credits: Ford

2020 Ford Bronco Coming Back as a Midsize SUV

CARLITUS – The truth is that Ford Bronco makes its way to the midsize SUV markets soon. That’s what the company said in the Fordsocial page. The midsize SUV will share the details like its specs and height as same as Ford F-150.

So now, we are released and make a reviews article about the new 2020 Bronco like its engine specifications, interior, and exterior design, what platform to be used by Bronco, pricing tag, and release date schedule. Let’s check the article below.

Engine Specifications

The Bronco specification has not been released directly by Ford. However, Ford collaborated with Getrag to create the Bronco 2020. One source said that Getrag is currently preparing the V-6 engine 2.7L Ecoboost.

So that it is estimated, the type of machine from the baby Bronco is V-6 with an engine capacity of 2,700 cc. Getrag is also the party that cooperates with Ford for the Mustang type.

If the Mustang is facilitated with MT-82 6-speed transmission, the baby Bronco is predicted to be equipped with a 7-speed MT-88 manual transmission. Of course, this type of transmission is still new and has not been used by any SUV, including other Ford.

If Ford does complete with a 7-speed transmission engine and an Ecoboost V-6 2.7L, the torque is estimated at 405 lb-ft. This Getrag project is being worked on in Jiangxi China, just like the Mustang’s MT-82. So far, Getrag has not been able to confirm it by giving an official statement because of the potential changes in design and content.

Exterior Changes

In 1996, the Bronco appeared as a pick-up with the F-150 model. However, unlike the 2020 edition because this car will appear as a midsize SUV. Although Ford has not confirmed in detail, reportedly the Bronco will have similarities with the Ford Ranger from the exterior.

Plus, the Bronco will also be developed in Australia, like the Ranger types. The number of doors of this car is still unknown. Previously, the Bronco only had two-door because the rear side of the vehicle was a cabin.

The upcoming 2020 edition, this car is predicted to have two-door still. Even though at this time it is rare for an SUV to consist of only two-door. The traditional image of the Bronco is likely to be maintained like a Jeep wrangler. Some source reported that the new vehicle will be a four-door midsize SUV model. Who knows?

At the front, the Bronco is estimated to have a retro design. The meaning is, the headlamp is a round shape, whereas the two lamps are box-designed grille and not too big while the Bronco logo is in the middle of the grille.

Some automotive critics say that Ford has determined the right time to launch the Bronco. 2020 will be the start of the Bronco as a mid-size SUV with many upgraded exterior sides. Especially from what it looks like not a truck. This aims because Ford wants to reach a high sales range as a first Bronco product.

Will Ride on the Ford T-6 Platform

The platform used is the Ford T-6, which also has similarities with several other Ford cars. Ford T-6 is also used on the 2011 Ford Ranger, Ford Everest 2015, and 2019 Ford Ranger.

Interior Design

In general, the shape of the Bronco interior will consist of two rows of chairs. The passenger capacity is five people, with two people in front and three people at the rear.

The rear seats can be fully enclosed so that it can be used as large cargo. Each seat will be equipped with security features in the form of airbags, seatbelt, and adjustable headrest.

So far, there has been no further information about the interior design of the baby Bronco such as color details, the type of chair, and also the design of the dashboard. If Ford still maintains the traditional image of the Bronco, the vintage nuances will dominate the interior.

However, all features and security have been upgraded, according to the name of Ford’s high sales in the SUV segment.

2020 Bronco Pricing

Many sides of the Bronco have been upgraded, so this car is a modern SUV. The estimated price of the baby Bronco will be sold starting from $30,000 for the base Bronco series.

Reportedly, this car will be divided into five different trims, namely the Bronco base, XLT, Limited, Platinum, and Raptor-off. Until now, the 2020 Ford Bronco photo has not been officially released by Ford.

It Will Releases in Next Year

The teaser image of the car is still wrapped with a thick cloth. Initially, this car is planned to be released in mid-2019. The latest news of Official Ford says that this car will be released in the spring of 2020.

Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan will be its plant to manufacture the new Bronco and the plant is the same place to produce the 1966 – 1999 version of Ford Bronco.


The Bronco will enter the mid-size SUV segment in 2020. With the prediction of its exterior and interior, it is estimated that the Bronco will compete heavily with other midsize SUVs such as the Jeep Wrangler, the improved Chevrolet Trailblazer, and Toyota 4Runner.

All three cars have good sales, especially in the Australian market. The Bronco which will be released in 2020 is the 6th generation of the Ford Bronco which stopped at 1996.

2020 Bronco Exterior Photos Rendering

Bronco6G.com has released a photo that they claimed as a 2020 Ford Bronco rendering photos. Here some:

New Ford Bronco Test Mule at Detroit

Some times ago, a source reported that old-new vehicle has spotted on the Detroit street and they believe that its a test mule of the new Bronco. The vehicle wearing a heavy camouflage fabric and has a design as a semi Ford Ranger at the front side but has a closed boxy at the rear.

The only revealed photo of new Bronco is a boxy-vehicle that covered with a fabric sheet. Nothing else has been confirmed by Ford until now. Better to stay awake and keep updates with us in this blog. By the way, both photos credits to KGP Photography. – CARLITUS